About Michelle

Michelle Zelli is a one-of-a-kind business, spiritual & emotional Coach, & speaker with an edge.

Known for guaranteed results and absolute confidentiality, Michelle delivers to discerning people around the globe.   She has the kind of credibility that only 17 years of dedication to practice, R&D with 25,000+ coaching hours she is one of the best kept secrets to top celebrities, VIP’s and CEO’S for the last decade.

Michelle is now being called to share her story and life wisdom by stepping into the limelight herself. Her work with energy leaves even the most cynical amongst us questioning life as we know it. She has a unique ability to communicate complexities of humanity, spirituality and much more. She empowers others through her extraordinary personal story and miraculous life events.

She utilises board level business background combined with shamanic, spiritual wisdom and cutting edge science.

She is known as the ultimate in leading edge psycho spiritual coaching. Some even call her ‘The Real Fairy Godmother.’

Michelle’s Story

Michelle is someone who has done the work herself. Having transformed her own life from difficult and dysfunctional childhood to successful executive, she is relentless in her own mission for self mastery. Her commitment for creating processes to heal have become legendary. Her personal story is quite remarkable having been adopted into an abusive and neglectful family system. Despite this – she might say, because of it –  Michelle channelled her energy into becoming Sales Director at Blue Chips and SME’s and MD at the largest TV Post Production Company in the UK.  Going on to build a coaching business solely on personal recommendation, such is her influence and power as a coach. At a time when women are rising up to reclaim their full feminine power Michelle leads from the front.  She is a natural matriarch-cum-witch who loves Chanel, hip hop and dogs with a passion.  This is a woman who’s perfectly placed to ignite a high end revolt with style, wisdom and strength.  At the age of 12 she was reading Marilyn French, Erica Jong and many other feminist authors around in the 70’s.  Her adopted mother was a cold, powerless and emotionally immature woman who inspired Michelle to stride in the opposite direction.  Her birth mother was the youngest Bunny Mother at Park Lane’s Playboy Club, with deep wounding creating addictions and a life of pain.

Michelle’s intuitive ability to tap into wounds for healing has enabled her to be the catalyst for monumental change and growth for her clients. Through her breakthrough processes and Emotional Detox Intensive Programmes Michelle has enabled countless others to transcend the beliefs that have been keeping them stuck. Freeing them up to live a life they love, with passion and purpose.

At 56, Michelle leads from the front lighting the way for all those seeking to own their inner rockstar. Michelle has a unique, powerful and unforgettable presence that has seen her align with the very best of the best.

Michelle particularly thrives during live coaching with Q and As, mesmerising audiences with her powerful and direct speaking style that comes with a big dose of love and Zelli Magic. No question is too deep, dark or off limits.  She delivers impactful and soul driven intuitive content, leaving audiences spellbound.

Michelle’s expertise encompasses topics ranging from love addiction and love avoidance, to cultivating a deep connection with universal source energy.

Founder of Feminine SuperPowers, an events and lifestyle brand devoted to female empowerment, making spirituality and growth sassy and sexy. Michelle empowers women to show up and stand out for who they are. Her events are designed to ignite change and invite curiosity, opening the gateways to possibilities previously unseen as delegates visibly get out of their own way. For women who are ready to rise up and raise their standards, smashing their individual glass ceilings to become the very best versions of their unique selves.

Michelle is regularly featured in the media across titles such as Pscyhologies, Women and Home, The Daily Mail and Good Morning Britain.

Michelle is available for Ask The Expert segments, speaking engagements, TV appearances and interview features. Please contact julia@michellezelli.com for all press and media enquiries. 

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