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Hi, welcome to my website.

For the best part of two decades, I’ve helped clients achieve extraordinary success in their personal and business lives.

By blending leading edge tools with traditional interventions, I help you take control over all aspects of your life.

My mission isn’t to help you ‘find’ yourself; it’s to help you master yourself.



My Journey

Although my life appeared successful on the outside, inside I was in a mess.  Childhood trauma was playing out and ruling my life.  I became an expert in distraction and busy-ness, whilst appearing commercially successful and pretty okay.

After my last love addicted relationship ended, I knew I had to take the leap and focus on healing once and for all.

I had been practicing NLP and many other change techniques but love addiction floored me. It took the rug from beneath my feet. I didn’t recognise myself. Not only did I revert to a powerless and value-less girl but I also broke my heart.

This was the catalyst I needed to step up. I unplugged from relationships and devoted ten years to working on the remaining wounds, heightening spiritual connection and understanding human behaviour from the inside out. Only was I then able to work with clients on the same issues from my unique third person perspective using the processes I had created to transform my own life. I dedicated this time to becoming an expert in mind, emotions and how the universe works.

During this time I encountered many different situations with a vast array of wounding. My own was the catalyst leading to over 25,000 client coaching hours.

This in depth knowledge of the human psyche is pretty unique and gives me the ability to zone into your patterns and pain with a radar like accuracy.  I work with a wide range of wounding, problems and patterns with an equally wide range of people, from housewives to presidents, from rockstars to star gazers.

My work is powerful and isn’t for everybody but an initial conversation will enable us to find out if we’re a match. Once we start working together you can expect results from your first session.

The first step of change is often the hardest, taking the plunge and plucking up courage to make that first move.  I’d love to hear from you and help you take another step forward on your journey of this wonderful messy thing we call life.


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