The Zelli Process

My work is wrapped around the needs of individual clients, and sessions are always bespoke.

I’ve dedicated the last two decades to learning and applying the best tools and techniques, and I literally have hundreds of combinations in my toolbox to help you improve your life.

By applying the The Zelli Process, I create an environment that’s perfect for you to learn. One of openness, humour, engagement and warmth, an environment where we can be bold and brave with each other.

I’ll help you slow down and pay close attention to what is really going on for you. You’ll move on from a place of feeling stuck, confused and disillusioned, towards a place where you feel lit up and excited about moving forward.

I like to rivet my clients and most of my clients are surprised at how much they love their sessions and of course, their results.

Results are guaranteed from your very first session. We’ll even have some fun along the way.


Spirituality plays an important role in my success as a coach too. Although I like to click my heels in a blue-chip board room, I’m equally comfortable dancing around barefoot in a full moon Shamanic circle.

It’s exactly this mixture of worldly-with-a-little-bit-of-wacky that’s made me one of the most sought-after coaches and speakers in the UK.

Don’t worry of course if spirituality simply isn’t your thing. My job is to help you connect with your own higher power. Not mine, nor anybody else’s. There won’t be a group hug in sight and you can even leave your shoes on.

When we connect fully with our highest power, miracles really do happen. I have borne witness to more than I can mention and would love to introduce you to this life changing force.

My Training

I’ve been travelling the world for the best part of twenty years now, seeking out the best therapists, business leaders, teachers and healers. I learn their teachings, and I apply what’s best for my individual clients.

I’ve trained with world class authorities in leadership and change psychology, including Tony Robbins, Dr John F Demartini, and Richard Bandler and Dr Joe Dispenza.

I’ve worked closely with Dr Wyatt Woodsmall PHD, one of the founding fathers of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), and trainer and mentor to Tony Robbins himself.

I’ve been a student of Wyatt Webb, one of the most sought-after therapists in the US, who’s worked with Oprah Winfrey and countless other Hollywood names.

Meanwhile, my work with the Pia Mellody process, a world leading expert on addiction and relationships, has made me a go-to in the UK for people suffering from love addiction, love withdrawal and countless other relationship patterns.

I spend much of my free time learning, training and practising. This gives me the opportunity to hone existing processes and create new ones from the inside out.

Everything I learn I apply to my own life first. I will only invest in mastering a particular program and incorporate it into my own practice, once I am confident of it’s power.

Taking this approach to learning has allowed me to collate a unique set of tools that have demonstrated their worth over the years, and which I upgrade and enhance consistently.

The clients I work with simply do not have the time, or the patience, to put up with half-baked theories and woolly processes, and nor should they.

If you’re seeking transformation without years of therapy, are willing to do your homework and feel ready to master your own life, please give me a call.

Let’s turn life’s lemons into a powerful detox for your mind, heart and soul.

Thanks again for checking out my website. If you’d like to find out about working together and whether The Zelli Process is right for you, please drop me a message to book an initial consultation.

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