One to One Coaching

During our private one-to-one sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to learn a very different way of connecting with yourself. Not in a happy-clappy positive thinking manner, but in a much more authentic way that’s based on genuine self-trust.

Turning from being your own worst enemy into a helpful and comforting ally.

I specialise in fast, effective and lasting change, so you can expect to notice impact from your very first session.

In fact, I’m a master in curating the best possible material and processes for each individual client according to your needs..

So whether you’re a business leader going through a huge merger, or a stay at home mum seeking to reconnect with yourself, or those around you in a different way. I am able to help you navigate mindfully, using tools to ease the way and create a new dynamic.

As your coach, I’ve no agenda other than to assist you to have the most amazing journey and outcome.

I will be your biggest champion, whatever your background or your situation, there won’t be any judgment from me. That’s because during my 17 years as a coach I’ve heard many similar stories before. Having lived my life in technicolour and worked with diverse people and problems.

Sessions are tailor made to your requirements to find out more please contact me via our contact page.

Crisis coaching

Providing expert guidance and support throughout life’s emergencies every step of the way.

I specialise in crisis coaching, a highly personalised premium service.  This allows me to be right there with you during some of life’s emergencies pretty much 24/7.

It could be a sudden drama in your romantic or family relationships. Or it could be extreme anxiety ahead of a big speech, gig or a make-or-break business deal. Maybe you’re simply no longer able to make sense of the world around you.

It may feel overwhelming right now but in fact this could be the perfect time to learn and grow, recreate yourself and make changes long overdue.

Now that your old patterns and belief systems are being pushed to the top of the pile, we’ll have the opportunity to do deep work with the very stuff that’s been getting in your way.

You can either treat life’s upsets as unwelcome hurdles on your path to happiness. Or in the words of Winston Churchill “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

As your coach-on-standby, my role is to be there with you every step of the way, I mean that quite literally. I’ll help you make sure that whatever crisis is unfolding for you becomes just one more stepping stone towards self-mastery.

I’ll be a strong shoulder, a kind heart and a quick mind that steadies your ship and helps you make sense of the chaos.

Coaching the coach

Training and supervision for coaches who are bringing something fresh to the coaching industry.

I coach and mentor a select few coaches who I feel really have the capacity to shake things up in the coaching industry.

If you’re a coach, you might choose to work with me because you’re eager to learn from someone who’s at the top of the game, and who’s worked and trained with the very best.

In return, I might want to work with you, because I feel you have the potential to bring something fresh and exciting to the profession.

The coaches I work with all share my own unwavering commitment to client focus, professionalism and innovation. They’re willing to walk the talk, and to dig deep when it comes to their own self-development.

You’ll need to be totally committed to figuring out who you are as an authentic coach, and to expanding your repertoire of tools.

In return, you’ll get access to the experience and knowledge I’ve gathered over the last two decades, as well as emotional, business-related and spiritual interventions, guidance and supervision.

If you feel you’re ready for the ride, I’d love to hear from you.

© Michelle Zelli 2017